Can application of NANOPROTECH damage any materials?

NANOPROTECH products are safe to apply on metals, plastics, rubber, glass, ceramics, lacquers, and paints as NANOPROTECH has no harmful effects on materials. However, we recommend that you always treat a test piece to make sure NANOPROTECH will not affect the material.

In what conditions can I use NANOPROTECH?

All NANOPROTECH products will retain their protective properties between -80°C to a maximum of+160°C.We recommend that you apply the product attemperatures between -20°C and +35°C.

Are the NANOPROTECH products toxic?

It is not safe to apply these products on any surfaces that come into contact with food or living organisms. For more information, see the Material Safety Information Sheet (MSDS) that can be downloaded here.

Why does the label of NANOPROTECH say 'Flammable Gas'?

As with many other pressurised spray cans, NANOPROTECH utilises propane and butane as a propellant, making our products extremely flammable. This propellant will evaporate quickly after application and leave a non-flammable NANOPROTECH protective coating behind. However, you should keep all pressurized cans including our NANOPROTECH cans away from any open flames or high temperature conditions.

Can NANOPROTECH be applied to a wet or dirty surface?

The advanced nano-technologies in our products make it possible for it to be applied to surfaces without pre-treatment. Our nanoparticles will quickly reach the surface and form a protective layer even if the surface is wet or dirty. This is achieved with the high capillary action and low surface tension in our products. However, the best protective effect is obtained when applied on a clean surface.

Is NANOPROTECH truly resistant to saltwater, moisture and various chemicals?

NANOPROTECH‘s nanoparticles have hydrophobic properties that are able to penetrate deeply into the pores of the surface material on a molecular level; thereby creating a reliable layer of protection from the effects of seawater and other chemicals. The protective properties of NANOPROTECH can be increased if the surface is treated regularly.

How does NANOPROTECH Super Insulation both increase conductivity and provide insulation?

Our NANOPROTECH Super Insulation formula has excellent dielectric properties which will increase the insulation resistance and help prevent current leakage. At the same time our NANOPROTECH Super Insulation will also improve the conductivity of the treated surfaces by creating an elastic and durable protective layer which protects from dirt, moisture and oxidation resulting in cleaner contacts. The maximum insulating properties will be reached 24 hours after application.

Can NANOPROTECH be applied on “live” electrical equipment?

NANOPROTECH may only be applied to electrical equipment that has been completely switched off and disconnected from any power source as our spray cans contain flammable propellants such as propane and butane!

What are the advantages of NANOPROTECH compared to other products?

NANOPROTECH uses cutting-edge nanotechnology to create a much more durable and stronger protection with a wider set of applications than any other comparable product available in the world. Independent tests have shown NANOPROTECH to provide superior protection on all types of surfaces from rust, oxidation, dirt and moisture. These test results can be downloaded here.

Once applied, how long does the effect of NANOPROTECH last?

It depends on the application, but in general NANOPROTECH provides protection for atleast one year in fresh and saltwater conditions thus increasing the service life of your investment.

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